Educator Testimonials

Need more convincing? Our schools and institutions are more than happy, something we are very proud of.

“Our class loves the video lessons. They are helpful and clear. The closed captioning is wonderful and students are really interested in the content.”

Amy Hrycyk, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

“Corey has a good way of articulating job seeking skills so everyone in class can understand them.”

Shawn O’Hare, Transition Specialist - Community Agency

“Now I know how to fill out a job application, and I keep my NextUp master application as a cheat-sheet to fill out applications.”


“NextUp has given me confidence for an interview because I used the ideas given to me for mock interviews.”


“Since I started using NextUp, I’ve seen a dramatic change in one of my students. He went from having an apathetic attitude to requesting more information to now being actively engaged in the job skills preparation process.”

Wendy Mercer, Pre-ETS Specialist

“My students ask to use computers during their free time to explore these video lessons.”

Amy Hrycyk, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

“NextUp’s lessons provide a lot of useful, real information that students can understand and apply in their job searches.”

Krista Haas, Teacher

“NextUp puts everything into a real-life aspect that allows students to see their success first hand.”

Amanda Heinrichs, Teacher

“NextUp covers a plethora of transitional topics and is delivered weekly. At the beginning of the school year, there is a curriculum guide with topics and dates of when materials will be dropped in your inbox (superb for planning units.) NextUp is delivered in concise chunks that are easy to tweak for time allotment of the class. The extension activities are widely engaging. It can be effectively incorporated to individualize instruction. NextUp is an incredible curriculum, always “in transition” to improve!”

Laura Zimmer, Pre-ETS Teacher

“NextUp’s ability to be customized to fit the needs of my students has been tremendous. It has helped in creating a vision for our early transition services while students are in high school.”

David Hedge, Teacher

“NextUp has helped prepare my students for the workforce. They are able to create resumés, prepare for interviews, and fill out paperwork in order to help them find competitive employment now and in the future.”

Amy Nelson, Teacher