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Lesson #9 - Filling Out the Sections of a Job Application

  • Intro Topic
    • Time Management
  • Student Question
    • How do you get a job if you have your driver’s license, but you don’t have a vehicle?
  • Main Topic
    • Filling Out the Sections of a Job Application
  • Extension Activities
    • Time Management Assessment
    • Who Are My References
    • Reference Request – A Letter

Lesson #12 - Answering Common Interview Questions

  • Intro Topic – Temporary seasonal employment, and how to become a permanent employee
  • Student Question
    • Question on factory jobs
  • Main Topic – Common Interview Questions and Answers
  • Extension Activities
    • 6 Common Interview Questions
    • Mock Interview Practice
    • Past Work Experiences: Likes & Dislikes
    • Realistic Career Choice Inventory

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Lesson #13 - Showing a Strong Work Ethic

  • Intro Topic – Why you shouldn’t speak negatively about previous supervisors, co-workers, and places of employment in a job interview. 
  • Student Question
    • What should you do if you don’t know how to answer an interview question?
  • Main Topic – How to Show a Strong Work Ethic
  • Extension Activities
    • How Strong is My Work Ethic at School
    • Productive Employee Science Experiment
    • What Work Ethic Looks Like to Me

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