NextUp for Students

Technology and social media have changed the way that youth consume and retain information. The NextUp program utilizes these platforms to enhance conventional methods of delivering transition curriculum in a fun and engaging format.

Students are provided with:  
Video lessons to build pre-employment, on-the-job and independent living skills
Track employment success and earn a place in the NextUp League*
Tips and information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter
Certificate of NextUp program completion for employment portfolio or resume

* Membership is earned by Acquiring employment, Achieving a promotion/raise, Receiving employment recognition.

NextUp For Teachers

Teachers that are committed to the transition of their students are often forced to work with limited resources. Developing comprehensive transition material for the classroom is time consuming, and it is difficult to measure effectiveness. The NextUp program gives teachers innovative and customizable tools to enhance the classroom experience, streamline the IEP process and help students achieve employment success.

Teachers are provided with:  
Weekly video lessons with accompanying classroom material
Customizable and easily adaptable lesson plans to fit classroom needs
Transition assessments for determining student IEP goals
Access to online forum for collaboration with other transition educators
Involved and challenging activities to enrich student learning

Assessments to measure yearly student growth for teacher evaluations

Download Sample Lesson

Sample Lesson
Weekly Video Lessons

See Sample IEP Goals

Sample IEP Goals

See 2020-2021 Lesson Schedule

2020-21 Lesson Schedule

NextUp for Families

Today’s competitive work environment has placed serious demands on families of students who are looking to secure employment and live independently. The NextUp program is designed to equip your child with engaging and interactive transition training. NextUp promotes individualized instruction that will give them the best opportunity for success after graduation.

Monthly Webinars
Boundaries in the job search
Disclosing disabilities in the job search
How to conduct practice interviews
The hidden job market
Networking opportunities
Developing a resume
Benefits for family members of students:  
Pre-employment and on the job training for students
Monthly NextUp for Families online training with live Q&A
Minimize the anxiety experienced during the transition process
Weekly video lessons are accessible outside of the classroom

NextUp for Administrators:

Federal requirements for transition programs are forcing school districts to provide more special education services without the clear source of funding to match. Making difficult decisions about reallocating personnel and financial resources in order to stay in compliance can be avoided by introducing the NextUp program to your students and teachers.

Benefits for administrators  
Provide consistency to the Individualized Education Program  process
Minimize the time teachers spend developing transition curriculum
Video and classroom lesson plans are connected to Common Core

Indicator 13 compliance without adding additional staff

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