NextUp Plans & Licenses

NextUp Program Features

NextUp is future of transition education. Our curriculum allows teachers and educators in school districts or cooperatives to give students what they need to succeed in employment and the transition from high school to post-high school life.

  • 36 weekly video transition lessons accessible in the classroom or at home
  • 36 weekly in-classroom customizable lesson plans
  • Weekly pre- and post-lesson student assessments
  • Pre-, mid- and post-year students growth assessments
  • Discussion guides and student interaction tools
  • Extension activities to reinforce video lesson
  • Teacher instructions and best practices
  • No additional materials or fees
  • Closed captioning available
  • Google Classroom compatibility
  • Monthly webinar Q&A for parents and teachers
  • Lesson plans tailored for students with 3rd-4th grade reading level
  • Archive of 36 weekly transition lessons from previous school year
  • Certificates of achievement issued to program participants

School/District License

per high school campus

Cooperative License

per high school campus

NextUp licenses are annual licenses and give all teachers and students in the district access to our videos and curriculum.  By purchasing a district-wide license, the school is able to help students with IEPs that are not in transition classes meet their transition IEP goals.  

Ready to Get Started?

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