Transition Planning Starts with Asking the Right Questions

Developing student transition plans that are tailored to the student’s needs and have measurable goals can be a struggle for teachers. Here are some ways NextUp is here to help!

  • Long-term measurement of student progress through NextUp lesson assessments, unit assessments, and student growth assessments.
  • Short-term measurement of student progress through weekly bell-ringer exercises and weekly lesson extension activities.
  • Student development of an employment portfolio, which provides an opportunity for written-language goals.
  • The NextUp 36-week lesson schedule helps students develop and build the pre-employment, on-the-job, and independent living skills needed to build on the answers to the questions below:

NextUp is your out-of-the-box transition curriculum solution to distance/blended learning.  Our team develops lessons designed to meet the transition needs of your students, whether they are in the classroom or at home.

Do you want to learn more about NextUp?  Do you want to learn how we can help you meet the needs of your students?

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