Transition curriculum for your teachers and students.

NextUp can help improve results and help prepare students for employment success in a fun and engaging way.

NextUp Will Change Your Classroom

We were founded by dedicated transition educators and vocational rehabilitation professionals. Our experience with preparing students for life after graduation compelled us to develop the NextUp Program. Our platform is designed to benefit students, teachers, administrators, and families.

For Teachers

Teacher standing in front of a whiteboard.

For Teachers

  • Weekly video instruction that includes an organized scope and sequence of plans and materials for learning experiences that support student progress toward transition goals
  • Easy integration with online learning platforms (Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc.)
  • Detailed weekly outline of content framework aligning transition, academic, and social-emotional standards
  • Transition assessments as the foundation for IEP and transition plan development
  • Pre-, mid-, and post-growth assessment to determine mastery of content within the curriculum
  • Monthly informational webinars and access to an online forum for collaboration
  • Access to an online forum for teacher collaboration with other transition educators
  • Access to our Student-Run Business Platform to assist in streamlining student enterprises (task lists, inventory, clock-in/out)

For Administrators

Two teachers planning a lesson in front of a whiteboard.

For Administrators

  • Video and classroom materials aligned to Common Core, Social/Emotional Learning Standards, and Pre-ETS areas of transition
  • Eliminates the time teachers spend developing transition curriculum
  • Aides in development of IEP and transition planning
  • Indicator 13 compliance through access to age-appropriate transition assessments, guidance with goal development, and progress monitoring through lesson materials
  • Pre-, mid-, and post-student growth assessments to aid in developing student learning objectives and for use in the teacher evaluation process
  • Teacher usage data reports at administrator request

For Students

A classroom from a student's perspective.

For Students

  • Access to NextUp from any internet connected device
  • Scholarship opportunities for post-secondary education and training
  • Opportunity to engage with curriculum through student question
  • Opportunities for certificates for employment success and program completion

For Families

A student proudly standing in the middle of a classroom.

For Families

  • Pre-employment and on-the-job training for students
  • Student access to NextUp from home with any internet connected device
  • NextUp for Families webinars with live Q&A
  • Provides tools to build confidence with the transition from adolescence to adulthood

NextUp has helped prepare my students for the workforce. They are able to create resumés, prepare for interviews, and fill out paperwork in order to help them find competitive employment now and in the future.

Teacher, Illinois

The customer service that I receive from NextUp is always top-notch. They go above and beyond to be timely in responses and always make sure I have what I need in order to meet the needs of the teachers and students in our cooperative.

Administrator, Illinois

As a transition teacher for nearly a decade, I struggled to find a meaningful and engaging curriculum for my students. NextUp has alleviated a great deal of my frustration, cut down on my plan time, and aligns perfectly with everything we try to teach our students while they are working towards meeting their post-secondary goals.

Teacher, Illinois

NextUp’s ability to be customized to fit the needs of my students has been tremendous. It has helped in creating a vision for our early transition services while students are in high school.

A modern platform, optimized for all devices

NextUp is designed and built for the modern web. Our platform is optimized to work on any size device, so your teachers, students, and administrators can work how they want.

Accessing our platform via mobile phone or tablet will work just as well as a laptop or desktop computer.
Fast & Reliable
Our technology stack uses only the latest, industry-leading services, so you can count on a responsive, reliable user experience.

Simple annual pricing per campus

Annual License

NextUp licenses are annual licenses and give teachers, staff, and students unlimited access to our videos and curriculum. By purchasing a license, schools can help students who are not in a transition class meet their IEP transition goals.

What's included

  • 36 weekly video transition lessons accessible in the classroom or at home

  • 36 weekly in-classroom customizable lesson plans

  • Discussion guides and student interaction tools

  • Extension activities to reinforce video lesson

  • Teacher instructions and best practices

  • Weekly pre- and post-lesson student assessments

  • Pre-, mid- and post-year students growth assessments

  • Compatibility with all major online learning platforms (Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, etc.)

  • Archive of 36 weekly transition lessons from previous school year

  • NextUp for Families Webinar(s) to educate on vital transition topics

  • Lesson plans tailored for students with various reading levels

  • Certificates of achievement issued to program participants

  • NextUp Teacher Webinars to share the latest information in the world of transition education

  • Access to NextUp Student Business Platform, designed for on-site training opportunities

Price per campus

$3000 individual campus
$2000 multiple campuses